Monday, July 14, 2008

Gillette Adjustable adventure!

I loaded up my Gillette Adjustable with a new Derby blade and decided to give a new cream a try - I lathered up with some Saint Charles Shave bay rum flavor cream, and went to town.

First a word about SCS- they are a small shop, run by a wonderful lady named Sue who has been very active at the B+B forums AND makes some incredible creams. There have been some mixups with my latest order, and Sue made it very, absolutely and completely right in my book. Huge thumbs-up their way. I ordered a couple of creams that should be here soon in addition to the bay rum - one called smoke and beads (it's apparently hippie-ish, with heavy patchouli and such) and one called Arabica (made from coffee!).

The bay rum cream lathered up strangely - at first I didn't have enough water, and then I added a touch more and I suddenly was overflowing the cup with lather (which never happens - we're talking a monster latte' cup!). The problem was the the lather was now too thin. I said "screw it" and went for it anyway. Despite the integrity of the cream being compromised, it still gave a nice shave and lubricated fine. I think there was room for improvement, so I'll be trying it a few more times to figure out the deal.

The adjustable:
Well... I set it to 4 for my first pass, and it worked out just fine. I dialed down to 3 for the second, thinking it would be wise to go with a lighter setting for each pass (avoiding irritation) but it didn't really cut hair... so back up to 4 for the atg and touchups, and it worked out okay.

Was it as good as my 1954 superspeed? Nope. The handle gets very slick quite easily, and despite being in spectacular shape, the razor felt kinda... cheap. THAT SAID, I'll certainly try it again sooner or later. I'd put it on par with the Schick Krona for now, which is certainly a decent razor but NOT my favorite ever.

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