Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First Post!

So... this is yet another shave blog.

Yep, a shave blog.

This blog is about... shaving.

See, I have to shave EVERY DAY. I never really liked it, either. I'd spend my thousands of dollars on Mach3 cartridges like a good boy and buy the latest gels and whatnever and then proceed to tear the ever-loving crap out of myself every morning. Ingrown hairs, cuts, irritation - I figured those were a part of the deal, and I bought more and more gels and creams and whatnot thinking that the best options were all available at Kroger's in the "men's" section.

Turns out I was wrong, and that my money was feeding into a scam.

I moved into DE shaving / wetshaving, and went from someone that dreaded the shave to someone who actually looks forward to it in the mornings.

Right now, my go-to shave consists of the following:

Gillette SuperSpeed (undated, probably a lot older than me)
Derby blade
Proraso pre-shave
Proraso cream
Crabtree+Evelyn brush
Proraso aftershave balm

Variations I've tried:
Feather blades (blood. everywhere. uber-sharp, awesome blades, but not for me yet)
Gem Micromatic razor (tool of evil. it laughed as it sliced me. captain howdy tried taking control of my soul.)
Crystal blades (meh. not as close of a shave as Derby, but whatever)
Merkur blades (like shaving with sandpaper)
Gillette Platinum blades (meh. acceptable.)
Gillette Tech razor (nice, less aggro than the superspeed and very forgiving, but hard to get clean shaves)
Schick Krona razor (same as the Tech)
Merkur 38c razor (heavy, nice construction, just not for me. I prefer lighter.)

I'll go into more detail as the blog progresses perhaps... and if I don't, well... bummer.

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