Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Now THAT is a commercial...

I just got an email from Nick at the Shaving Shack with a link to a new commercial for the best selling shave cream at their shop (The Bluebeard's Revenge)... and man.

THAT is a commercial. Seriously. Hardcore.

Still, I have an issue or 2.

1: HOLY SHIT DUDE RELAX ON THE RAZOR. Looked like he was trying to shove it through his cheek and shave his jawbone.
2: If you're gonna show off a classic technique as awesome and (yes, yes it is) badass as wetshaving is, at LEAST use a badass razor. Either a monster straight (like a 5/8 Dovo or something) or even use your own Bluebeard DE.

Otherwise, good stuff. I need to try the off-road skateboarding sometime - looks like a good time.