Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wet shaving can cure the common cold!

Okay, it really can't. Not remotely. :)

This morning I woke up feeling like absolute garbage - sore throat, stuffy nose, head throbbing, etcetera (and no, it wasn't a hangover). I had finally gotten the cold that had destroyed my family for weeks while I gleefully avoided it.

So I stumble into the bathroom this morning, bleary-eyed and just not wanting to go to work. I opened my cabinet to survey the shaving supplies and decide how I wanted to start the day... AoS Sandalwood? Maybe, nice and warm. Tabac? Not in the mood for that smell. Pen's Blenheim? Nice, but a bit subtle for the morning. AoS Lemon? Lavender cream or soap? Definitely not in the mood for either. Speick? Meh, another time. Proraso green? No. It snowed like 10 feet. It's cold out there.

but... wait.

Proraso = menthol and eucalyptus
coughdrops = menthol and eucalyptus
THEREFORE Proraso = Halls! or..... something.

Showered up, using Nancy Boy's superb body wash, and lathered up with Proraso. 3-pass shave with a feather in a fatboy, a splash proraso aftershave and then a bit of balm, and I was in DFS territory.

I felt 80% than I had when I woke up, to which I feel I can safely attribute the Proraso as a causative agent. Granted, the drive to work was just a TOUCH chillier than usual (brr), but it was totally worth it.

I have also found in the past that Art of Shaving's sandalwood (soap) with a touch of patchouli Kiss my Face is an incredible start on a winter morning. Very warm and cozy feeling.