Sunday, July 6, 2008

Feather attempt, the second.

SO... in my earlier attempt to use a Feather, about 3 weeks ago, it tried to kill me.
Here's the post at badger and blade from that day -
Well, I tried it twice. I gave it my best effort. No pressure. Great prep.

The feather tried to kill me. It is not made of steel - it's pure, concentrated evil in a small form. It giggled at me as it sliced and diced. Two passes of utter hell.
Today, I tried again in my Superspeed. I used good prep (shower, proraso pre, proraso cream) and a new Feather blade. 2 passes (wtg, atg) as normal, and some touchup - and this time, I have a smooth face with no irritation. I had a WONDERFUL shave.

The kicker here is that I just ordered 95 derby blades. :) WTF. Of course I find something I like more immediately after spending money. Sonofa....

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