Friday, August 1, 2008

Whoops. Been a while. :)

Right then. Sorry about the distinct lack of posts. First, let me put this out there - Sue at Saint Charles Shave makes some of the best smelling creams I've ever tried. That said, I am having a devil of a time getting GOOD lather out of them. I know it's possible, because other people have done it, but lathering it winds up too foamy or soupy every time, and the one time I got the consistency right, it dried up on my face in the middle of a pass. THAT reservation aside, I would say that the Arabica flavor is simply the most amazing smelling cream I've ever had. It's made with coffee, and is absolutely gorgeous. I'm going to keep trying to get it to work. :)

SO what's been up in my shave world? Mostly I've been focusing on skin health. I've been trying to find the single best creams and whatnot for my face - and here's the thing: I keep coming back to Proraso. I have several other high-end creams, including Art of Shaving's sandalwood, and NOTHING comes close to the comfortable shaves I get out of the Proraso. It's a bit annoying to think that this 10 dollar tube of cream (which will last MONTHS) is better than everything else on the market... but I'm NOT complaining.

On their way right now - Vulfix cream (lime) and QED lime soap. I'm totally into lime lately, after having used a wonderful lime aftershave by Wesley and Scott (it was an experimental batch they sent out with some other flavors, their first attempts at aftershaves - once available, I'll link them).

Razor-wise, I just scored another SuperSpeed in about the same condition as mine (datecode Z3), so I have a nice backup. I'm also considering selling off my Gem Micromatics, as I find they're pretty much just raw evil. I haven't gone back to the adjustable yet, but plan to after this weekend. (my band is playing a show on Aug 2, and if I tear up my face too badly, the sweat onstage will SUCK)

I'm also really looking forward to the next availability of the Badger and Blade Essentials brush. The reviews are spectacular, and it sounds like a nice upgrade from my Crabtree and Evelyn Best Badger Brush.

And finally, to top it off- I was thinking about this for a while. The act of shaving with a DE setup is one which requires relaxation and helps to center me for the rest of the day. I was trying to think of things which help out, and realized that music would be a wonderful addition. SO....

Check out the band Asobi Seksu. They're kinda shoegazery-dreampop, out of NYC. Incredible stuff - if you've ever liked anything by My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Slowdive, Lush, etc - you'll love this band.


Nancy Boy said...

Good to see you posting again!

Sue has some really nice scented colognes and aftershaves. Dagger is one of myfavorites and a little goes a long way. It never turns on me, either.

Her creams are a different matter. I cannot get them to lather properly. I have some Bay Rum, but just can't lather it properly.

If you think Pro Green gives a great shave, you should try the Red before it's history. It's my very favorite shaving cream.

jeremy said...

I'd LOVE to try the red- but it's impossible to find. Got an extra tube laying around?