Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Proraso Red

I just tried Proraso's red-tube cream, having received a tube in a trade. Here are my impressions, in the order of a shave's progress (2x used derby blade, '54 superspeed)

3 passes (wtg, xtg, atg) and some touching up. The scent wasn't as strong as the green tube, but it's a very smooth cream. Excellent lube qualities. NO irritation. After I finished up, I rinsed and used some Proraso aftershave balm. Easily the closest, least irritating shave I've ever had. Unreal how nice the red tube is. I think I have a new favorite cream.

Of course, that new favorite is completely discontinued. ARGH.


Dr. Lao said...

Yes, you have now joined the ranks of the perpetually saddened. I'm still in mourning. Pro Red is the best shaving cream every made IMO.

(passing you a Kleenex...)

Anonymous said...
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jeremy said...

Comment deleted due to being spam for a cologne-aftershave. Wtf man.