Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Now THAT is a commercial...

I just got an email from Nick at the Shaving Shack with a link to a new commercial for the best selling shave cream at their shop (The Bluebeard's Revenge)... and man.

THAT is a commercial. Seriously. Hardcore.

Still, I have an issue or 2.

1: HOLY SHIT DUDE RELAX ON THE RAZOR. Looked like he was trying to shove it through his cheek and shave his jawbone.
2: If you're gonna show off a classic technique as awesome and (yes, yes it is) badass as wetshaving is, at LEAST use a badass razor. Either a monster straight (like a 5/8 Dovo or something) or even use your own Bluebeard DE.

Otherwise, good stuff. I need to try the off-road skateboarding sometime - looks like a good time.


ulltra said...

correct it is

Goodfella said...

Did you see the ad with the lions they made last year? Bluebeard is a great soap and they back it up with great promotion too.

Anonymous said...

Bluebeard's is good but othing beats Al's Shaving creams though. The performance is much better than Castle Forbes at a lower price and the scents!!!!!

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Douglas Smythe said...

Hey Jeremy!
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Juvenci said...

That is a pretty cool ad, people keep telling me to stock this on our site so I might give it a go. They look pretty 'edgy' and product reviews are always positive

Allyson said...

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