Thursday, November 6, 2008

For coffee lovers (Aeropress)

I picked up an AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Makerfrom Amazon about a week and a half ago - and HOLY COW.

First off, let me preface by explaining a few things. First, I like coffee. I am wholeheartedly addicted to caffeine. Normally, I go to work and choke down what passes for coffee from the drip system there. I didn't bother brewing at home because our drip pot sucks for anything less than a full pot - and then I have to clean the whole thing, yadda yadda... so I never bothered grabbing coffee from home before work. On the weekends, I ground my own beans and made a DECENT pot of coffee, but it still wasn't great.

I recently saw a post about the Aeropress at the Badger and Blade forums, and did a bit of research. Turns out that it seems to be a nearly ideal way to get a quick cup of coffee brewed in the morning that actually tastes GOOD. Color me skeptical (since, well, I am usually), but I figured for what, 27 or 28 dollars shipped, it was worth a try. After all, I've tried shaving creams that were just as expensive site unseen, right? :)

Once it arrived, I gave it a shot. Ground 2 cups worth of Caribou Coffee's Obsidian, threw some water in the kettle to boil, and made my first cup, Americano style. I took my first sip, and was pleasantly surprised. Obsidian usually had some heavy acidity from our coffeemaker (a decent drip model) and required a touch of cream (or soy milk, for me) and splenda to even out. With the Aeropress, drinking it black was completely pleasurable. Some very sweet tones showed up that I wasn't expecting, and there was almost no acid or bitterness at ALL. Cleanup was quick and easy, too - just open the trash, eject the filter, and rinse the contraption off.

There is one downside - it uses more coffee grounds per cup than you'd use for a drip maker. Probably about 50% more, in fact... so if you like to use Jamaican Blue Mountain or something ludicrous like that, don't bother with the Aeropress unless you've got cash to burn.

I would heavily recommend this to ANY coffee drinkers. I may not be the kinda guy that buys a 250 dollar drip system or a vacuum pot, but I do like my cuppajoe - and anything that makes it easier AND better is a winner for me.


Jason Haeger said...

Try it this way.

14g. (about 4tbsp by volume) of coffee. Grind it a bit finer than for drip. (just above espresso)

Turn your press upside down, and open the plunger to allow as much capacity as possible. Keep the filter and cap off for now.

Dump the grounds in. Pour hot water (just off the boil, about 198F)in, leaving plenty of room. Stir with the paddle gently (just enough to saturate). Top off the water to the rim.

Stick the filter+cap on top. Twist it to lock it in (lock it in tight).

Press down just a bit to get some of that lovely foam. Tilt it over a cup to drop that lovely foam into your drinking recepticle.

Park the press on top of your cup (just as normal), and press from the shoulder with all you've got. (It should take quite a bit of force).

It makes a smaller cup, but you get a LOT more flavor this way. If the cup is bigger, just use more coffee (7g or 2tbsp coffee per 6oz water), and top up with hot water at the finish.

I'd also like to suggest trying some coffees from a roasting company owned by a friend of mine. (that is, if you are adventurous and have a taste for quality.. you are a classic shaver, so I assume you do);jsessionid=3B8364FEF5A77BDAEF3304DE539888A0.qscstrfrnt02

Please don't consider this spam. It's just a suggestion from a fellow shaver and coffee lover.

jeremy said...

Interesting!!! I'll give that method a try soon. Thanks for the link, too - next time I need some coffee, I'll order some from your friend.